Respiratory Motion, Inc. (RMI) is a new generation medical device company developing and commercializing the ExSpironTM.   RMI’s goal is to cost-effectively improve the standard of care in respiration monitoring. Ventilation monitoring is increasingly recommended as oxygen saturation levels inadequately predict ventilatory distress.

The ExSpironTM is a noninvasive, continuous respiratory monitor which has received FDA clearance to graphically display lung volumes against time and report quantitative values of:

  • Minute Ventilation (MV)
  • Tidal Volume (TV)

  • Respiratory Rate (RR)

This valuable data, previously only available for intubated patients receiving mechanical ventilation, is now available noninvasively to assess respiratory function in a wide variety of patients.

Minute Ventilation is the best way to assess respiratory competence. This becomes especially important in patients receiving opioids, anesthetics or sedatives, who are more at risk for Respiratory Depression. While recent standards call for monitoring ventilation in all post operative patients receiving opioids, the elderly and obese populations may be at increased risk.

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